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Travel Japan with us

We are experts at luxury travel and personalized itineraries that satisfy your desire to discover the essence of Japan.

We know that details, no matter how large or how small, make the difference.

From the white beaches of Okinawa to the snow resorts of Hokkaido, every location your client might be dreaming about is accessible.

Our exclusive experiences range from the arts and agriculture to cuisine and culture —and everything in-between.


Let’s create unique experiences together

And have you leave Japan with memories that last a lifetime.

Our approach to travel is different and distinguished. We know that it takes more than seeing the sights to really experience a country.

The Art of Travel is determined to help you intimately experience the heart and soul of Japan, so that by the end of your journey, you have developed a lasting bond with its culture and people.

We invite you to come and explore our Japan

We have created a simple, interactive process for you to discover the many luxury trips The Art of Travel offers.

Step 1

We put our heart and soul into collecting and curating experiences designed to enrich your understanding of Japan. Engage all your senses as you interact with the creative and talented residents from this multi-faceted culture. In Step 1 you can choose your interests, ranging from Art and Architecture to Religion and History.

Step 2

Where you stay is at least as important as the experiences you have or the cuisine you encounter. The Art of Travel has carefully curated an array of possibilities embracing both Western and Japanese definitions of luxury. Learn about various accommodation styles that are fitted exactly to your needs, whether you are a family of 5 or travel with other special requests.

Step 3

Japan prides itself on having four distinct seasons and celebrates each with lively festivals, traditional foods, and respect for nature’s transformations. In Step 3, you can choose spring and the wonder of cherry blossoms, autumn with its classic colors, or winter for its stellar skiing and snow festivals in the north.

Step 4

We can plan a trip for any number of people. Let us know what destinations you are interested in, your trip dates and how many people are coming along.

Step 5

We will contact you per your preferred mode of communication (phone, Skype, Facetime, etc.) and work with you to customize and fine-tune your itinerary. We are creating a living document and will not stop until you are completely satisfied.

Please ensure a minimum of two weeks prior to departure for your inquiry, so we can provide a reasonable selection of luxury accommodations, VIP transportation, expert guides and exclusive tours.