Nara Rediscovered

A popular destination for visitors of Japan, this historic capital with UNESCO ruins and shrines is perfect for those who desire to get a glimpse of long-ago Japan.

Those looking for a more private experience to a shrine can reserve the entirety of Kasuga shrine for themselves. Be led by a Shinto priest to light traditional lanterns hanging along quiet corridors, and allow your mind to feel at peace in a secluded paradise away from the noise of daily life.

Guests looking for hands-on activities tied to ancient customs can go to the center of tea whisk manufacturing in Japan. Here, you can meet an authentic craftsman with the ability to manipulate each bristle with a small knife and fall deeply into the world of customs surrounding tea.

Nara’s offers don’t end there. Eager deer roam the wide fields of Nara Park, called from all directions by the sound of a French Horn. Have a private meeting with these creatures who will delight at the feast of acorns and crackers.

Opportunities lay waiting for honeymooners who want to make the most important day of their life even more special. Local photographers and staff select the best location for photographing couples in authentic Japanese kimono, and beauticians offer services for hair dressing and styling. Love-birds will delight at the once-in-a-lifetime photoshoot for their once-in-a-lifetime wedding!

Finally, Nara grants a rare chance to become the master of your own samurai sword. Under the direction of a skill and technique that has been passed down for over eight hundred years, a sword master and purveyor to the Imperial Household Agency will craft a one-of-a-kind sword for callers.

Visit Nara and maximize all that it has to offer. Contact us at: to inquire about the magnificent opportunities that await.