Deep Kyoto: Innovating Long-ago Customs

The Art of Travel is proud to introduce our personal connection with one of the most gifted next-generation talents that we know. Specializing in tea ceremony and a strong believer in art being made available to anyone and everyone, we have created a wide-range of Japanese cultural experiences with our own tea ceremony specialist. Through his extensive network of connections and his own natural talent, he has been successful in spreading Japanese culture while also adding unmatched character to each experience. A next-generation tea practitioner trained by a high-ranking master, he adds warmth and eccentricity to every interaction.

Experiences available through this gentleman and his wide-range of connections includes calligraphy lessons, flower arrangement, sake dinners or tastings, hands-on experiences making Japanese sweets, meditation, and likely anything else one can dream up. Finally, a personalized experience by the practitioner himself is also available: tea ceremonies driven by his passion for the arts. Anyone who meets him can expect a youthful, welcoming, and relaxed energy in his company, immediately feeling like they’ve known him for years.

Visit Kyoto to experience culture reborn in an innovative and intuitive way. Contact us at: to begin your journey.