The Wonders of Okinawa: A Paradise for Nature Lovers and Divers Alike

Japan’s southernmost island is home to some of the most stunning natural beauty in the world. A world of activity awaits in these pristine blue waters.

Okinawa’s main island has several dive sites and offers a lot of diversity in terms of diving locations. In addition to exploring under the sea, one can also enjoy learning about and seeing the diversity of fish, animals and plant life that exists surrounding the archipelago at the world class Churaumi aquarium, which is a real treat for adults and children alike. Also in the same area is the Yomitan pottery village (Yachimun No Sato) where several famous ceramics artists reside. As you stroll through this secluded village, you can take in the traditional methods of ceramic making with wood-fired kilns, and observe how each artisan has their own unique style.

Two hours south of the main island (or a three hour direct flight from Tokyo), is a cluster of remote islands called the Yaeyama. Landing on Ishigaki island, one will be able to witness a rural paradise surrounded by some of the clearest waters in the world, where sugar cane and Ishigaki cattle abound (a fun fact, most, if not all, of the cattle raised to produce wagyu, such as Kobe and Matsuzaka, have been brought from Ishigaki)

Hopping to some of the other islands further afield, one can dive in one of the most spectacular diving locations to see manta rays at ‘manta scramble’ and hammerhead sharks near Yaeyama.

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