Fresh Sake Straight from the Source

Looking for an ultimate Japanese sake experience? Here is an idea we would like to propose to you. Try some authentic craft sake produced in winter, straight from the heartland of local sake breweries in Japan.

Breweries all over Japan are now in full operation, producing and brewing this delectable drink in the coming winter months. Japanese sake has become increasingly popular and trendy in Japan, perhaps now that there is a wider range of varieties available. Food pairing with sake is also very fashionable, and there are several restaurants in Tokyo which specialize in sake pairing with both Japanese and Western fare.

Going further afield, winter is the most exciting time to visit Hideyoshi Sake Brewery in the quant Samurai town in the northern Akita prefecture, where they will provide a brewery tour, sake tasting and English guidance. It’s a small, cozy and intimate affair, with a lovely garden to enjoy during your visit.

In Japan, it is a great pleasure to drink a type of sake called namazake, during the winter months, which is a refreshing, unpasteurized sake consumed shortly after it is brewed. A trip to Japan will give you this once in a lifetime experience.

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