A Secret Door to Noh Drama, Craft & Japanese Traditional Performing Arts

A visit to Japan provides a very rare opportunity to witness cultural experiences such as Kabuki, Noh theater and other performing arts.

Witness the refinement of these arts with a studio visit to one of the world’s most renowned Noh performers and Noh mask carvers, Mr. Michishige Udaka. He is the only Noh actor who is also a highly skilled Noh mask carver, and is designated as a representative of a National Intangible Cultural Asset. It is Mr. Udaka’s wish to spread enthusiasm about Noh to visitors to Japan and on an international level.

Nohgaku is a traditional Japanese drama performed by actors, where the main actor wears a carved mask, told through dialogue, song and dance.

During a backstage experience, guests will first be able to view a Noh performance, and then they will be escorted to the backstage to meet the actor. During this time guests will be able to hear an explanation of Noh and get a glimpse of the inner workings of performance production. A presentation of masks as well as the process of making them is also possible at the studio of master carver Mr. Udaka. He takes the time to educate and explain in great detail the process of this delicate art.

When you come to Japan, do not miss out on this rare opportunity to see an exquisite Japanese performing art. Contact us at travel@theartoftravel.net.