Yakushima, Tales Left Untold

Welcome to Yakushima, a fairytale land come to life. A sub-tropical island belonging to Kagoshima Prefecture and dominated by a unique, vast forest, one can find many national treasures here unseen by the rest of the world.

Its many natural wonders include enticing waterfalls cascading over granite cliff sides, sending out a magnificent spray that catches sunlight with bursts of color. Uninhibited beaches surround the island and invite any visitor an escape from whatever lies beyond their warm enchantment. Most notably, guests can meet the often-boasted cedars that reach height over 25 meters (82 feet). The forest contains some of the largest conifers in Japan, the tall giants that guard the island in wise silence. The dense woodland also conceals hundreds of bird species and mammals endemic to the island, while its beaches provide the largest nesting ground for the endangered loggerhead sea turtle.

Besides its charming natural treasures, Yakushima offers exceptional luxury accommodation including seaside spa hotels and traditional Japanese inns. Further, the adventurous can explore the forests through hiking trails and river swimming. Other activities available on Yakushima include visiting local sake breweries and having the chance to enjoy locally-grown, organic cuisine.

Visit Yakushima for a window into an unseen world, and leave with memories of a destination too beautiful to be put into words.

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