The beauty and magic of Tottori runs deep.

The naturally formed Tottori Sand Dunes along the Sea of Japan are the focal point, with the Tottori Sand Museum displaying the extraordinary talent and creativity of world-renowned sand sculpture artists. The museum is the only one of its kind in the world.

Beyond this major attraction is the stunning coastline of Uradome, where people young and old can experience kayaking, snorkeling or diving in the clear waters.

The remote garden of Mitaki-en is well worth going out of your way to visit, and can also make the perfect place to stop for lunch on the way from Kyoto to Tottori. A delicious, healthy and authentic meal prepared with mountain vegetables and other local ingredients awaits you inside a cozy traditional thatched roof house.

For an adventure and some local history with legend blended in, make the hike up Mitoku-san and visit the temple Nageiredo, which is located on a cliff side. You may even be lucky enough to be guided by the knowledgeable monk living at the temple at the bottom of the mountain.

Go even further and you’ll have the privilege of meeting a ceramic artist in his studio, wandering the streets of an onsen town and trying the local sake, or visiting Shigeru Mizuki Road. In this small prefecture, there are so many things to do and see which will enrich your life! Don’t wait any longer.

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