Northern Japan, A Land of Hidden Gems

Northern Japan, also known as Tohoku, is host to many hidden gems. The fact that it is relatively unexplored by foreign tourists makes it a very attractive destination for authentic experiences throughout every season.

Hirosaki is possibly the best cherry blossom spot in Japan as it has a nice concentration of cherry trees and there’s an intact castle which is in its original form.

In Kakunodate there is a very well-preserved samurai district, with many of the houses still owned by the same families (and the samurai costumes and swords on display). The quaint town’s little alleyways are very walkable, and it is one of the top three sakura (cherry blossom) viewing places in Japan.

Among many of the other appealing traits of Tohoku are the abundance of craft sake breweries using traditional methods of production, as well as restaurants which offer local delicacies.

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