Kayotei, Where Pleasing is an Art Form

“Omotenashi” … A word that is becoming known globally for ‘Japanese hospitality’ but that actually means much more. You’ll only understand when you experience the extreme thoughtfulness of service which Japanese people take so much pride in. Pleasing guests is our first priority, and while we appreciate and admire all of our collaborators we can’t help but highlight Kayotei, a family run ryokan nestled in Yamanakaonsen, a stunning mountain hot spring region of Ishikawa prefecture.

Entering Kayotei is like “coming home” and there is no other way to deliver this without a genuine offering of human kindness and connection which is graciously passed to each guest.

This heightened gift of exceptional service alone is worth the stay, but Kayotei goes beyond harnessing local riches in both craft arts, cuisine, river walks and restorative baths. All of your senses will dance with delight.

For more information about visiting Kayotei and completely customized trips to Japan, contact us at: travel@theartoftravel.net